Client Events Collection

Collect all of your valuable data from all of your platforms 

Stop looking for your data – we are here to help you consolidate everything from your apps and web pages to one place

Your data is the oxygen that breathes life to your BI, product and marketing teams. We are here to help you collect all of your scattered data to one place. 

Let's take care of all that useful data

Some of the great things you can with us:

Data can be collected from multiple source: JS, iOS, Android, HTTP calls.

Near real time availability of the data in your data lake.

A robust and scalable system that can ingest billions of events with low latency.

On-demand pricing.

Geo IP lookup on all client events.

Enriching client events with browser, OS and device attributes.

Completely managed and monitored system.

AppsFlyer integration to collect your AF events into a DWH.

Google Analytics integration to collect your GA event level data into your DWH

Turn your scattered data into powerful BI models and make decisions based on insights and valuable information - from all platforms.

Helping you to see the big picture

When your data is all over the place, your decision-making process is incomplete and even flawed at times. Our experienced team can walk you through all the data you need and hand you powerful decision-making tools.