What are you doing with all that data?

Make the most out of your data with iKnowlogy,
your business partner and dedicated data team.

Think big. Start small. But start.

Innovative, custom-fit and hassle free data solutions - We have what it takes to make an impact on your business

We get you

We’re not only data scientists, we’re business people who understand what you need and are there to become your partners for the journey. We’ve helped multiple business leaders tackle different challenges, and we can advise you on how to tackle yours, and where the pitfalls are. And sometimes -
how to avoid them altogether.

One stop shop for Digital Transformation

The breadth and depth of our services makes us your optimal Digital Transformation partner. Our experts have knowledge that spans from infrastructure, to BI, Machine learning and business analysis. We’re capable of providing a 360 degrees solution for a digital transformation journey, or selected bits and pieces of it.

Simplicity is the key

Our motto is "Think big - Start small". We won't waste your time or resources on complex never-ending projects, impossible timelines, and grandiose plans. Our strength is breaking up big ambitions into portions which have much better success rates. We’ll make a big impact with a small project.

We’ve been around the block for a while now

We live and breathe innovation for a long time already. Our data teams offer over 10+ years of experience, helping numerous businesses grow their revenue and improve their performance through impactful data projects. And we do it with a smile, too.

Tailor made

Every organisation is different. Our tailor made approach offers you solutions that are fit for a purpose, taking into account the short and long-term requirements and constraints you have to consider. Our approach balances the big picture alongside pragmatic considerations of everyday life.


Our proven agile methodology, combined with years of experience, will save you valuable time and organisational effort. By working agile with a friendly yet business savvy team, we’ll be able to jump start your project and get results fast.

iKnowlogy is your guide to become a truly data driven organisation.

Your customers are talking to you with thousands of millions of daily interactions in your digital ecosystem.
Are you listening to what they have to say?
We’re here to help you understand your customers better, recognise trends, and step up your analytics game.

Our Services

Designed to maximize your business potential and reach your business goals

Data Science as a Service

Become data driven even if your current analytic capabilities are almost non-existent. Use our experts as your very own hands-on data team.

BI & Analytics

Our clever and user friendly dashboards give you visibility of all the important numbers. Understand what’s happening in your company in real time with the click of a button.


Plan your Data Strategy and create your analytics roadmap, from selecting technology and tooling, to mobilizing the right people, defining scope for proof of concepts, and much more.

Marketing Automation Data Labs and Digital Transformation

Get a 360 view on your customer behavior to grow your business. Segment your customers, slice and dice data, optimize engagement and LTV, and become a digital front runner.

Machine learning projects

Automate your data processes by using machine learning capabilities. We help companies with an end-to-end machine learning projects, from proof of concept to deployment.