Jump-Start Your BI

It’s time to grow your business

The North-Dash Starter kit provides quick and easy entry to the world of BI

The starter kit includes:



A dedicated data warehouse to consolidate all your data



We collect and connect data from your various data sources



We provide customized and personalized dashboards



Our data experts are available to provide ongoing support

Get Total Visibility into your Business

We collect and connect your data from multiple sources into personalized dashboards for easy access to real-time insights into your business.

Our dashboard library contains hundreds of pre-built dashboards allowing for quick and easy implementation so you can be up and running in no time.






Getting started is
quick and easy


Schedule a Discovery call

We take the time to learn about your business so that we can develop a solution which is custom-fit.


Get Your Data Roadmap & Quote

We provide a detailed roadmap and quote based on your specific business requirements.



With hundreds of pre- built dashboards available  you will be up and running in a fraction of the time and cost.

The North-Dash Advantage


Your business needs are at the core of our approach.

Leverage the experience and expertise of our data team to enjoy solutions tailored to your specific business needs.


We understand the urgency of putting your data to good use.

With an extensive library of dashboards at hand, we provide customized and personalized dashboards at the fraction of the time and cost. 


Companies change and so do their business needs.

We design solutions that are easily scalable for growing data volumes and more complex future requirements saving you in additional long-term costs.


Our dashboards encompass metrics and business scenarios that are related to the entire customer journey in online businesses. The customer journey starts from the channels (paid, SEO and organic) that drive traffic, continues to your user acquisition and becoming a paying customer and follows to subsequent renewals or returning purchases that a customer makes. Our dashboards provide many point of views such as monitoring the KPI’s, analyzing trends and optimizing results.
Some of the related KPI’s are – visits, users, LTV, retentions, order value, customer life span, ROAS, profit margin, churn, MRR, etc.

Our expert customer success team of analysts can handle any analytic use case and put together the dashboard or data solution for your business needs. Also, some of our solutions are not necessarily dashboards… perhaps you need an automated email report, an automated alert or in-depth research on something. Our team is comprised of analysts, data engineers and data scientists that can handle virtually any use case and most likely have met that use-case previously already.

1.All of them. We connect to all databases and API’s to fetch your data into a DWH. Under the hood we use a combination of ETL systems that either already have the connector that is required, or we develop a custom connector to your data.

Yes. We have a browser and app events tracking solution that we use to gather analytics data and to do web attribution.

The entire North-Dash package is 100% transferable to you. Once your team is ready to handle managing the data pipelines and dashboards we will transfer the knowledge that is required to do so.

No problem. iKnowlogy is a data science professional services company that caters online businesses. Contact us to talk with an expert. One of our services is also a Data Strategy and Roadmap project to help you plan ahead.

North-Dash uses a combination of open-source and 3rd party applications that we have put together to create the most economical and powerful BI solution. As a data warehouse and data management tool that stores your business data we use Snowflake. For dashboards and self-service analysis we use Tableau and Thoughtspot. For ETL’s we use Fivetran, Airflow and AWS. We already connected everything together so that it’s no hassle for our customers.

No problem, we are agnostic to the specific technology and also do complete data infrastructure projects with the following tools:
Clouds – GCP, AWS, Azure
Dashboarding tools – Tableau, PowerBI, Data Studio, ThoughtSpot, Redash
Data warehouses / lakes – Redshift, Bigquery, Snowflake, Synapse
ETL’s – Airflow, Fivetran, Rivery, Stitch, Supermetrics

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