Cohort Analysis and LTV

Increase your user value using the super-power of data analysis

Use in-depth insights and optimize your user churn and retention statistics

Your users are one of the most valuable assets in your business, But are you REALLY on top of things when it comes to increasing their value over time? 

Let us take you into a journey into the valuable insights about your user’s behaviour and gain new ways to improve results.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Let's dive-in to your data

We are here with the answers:

We have developed a comprehensive solution, based on and connected to your data and provide you new and improved analysis dashboards.

We will analyze Retention, ROI, Cumulative UV and predicted LTV per your customer cohorts.

Discover how your metrics changed over time.

Our solution Integrates with your website or apps.

Deploy as SaaS or on your infrastructure.

Innovative, custom-fit data solutions - We have what it takes to make a true impact on your marketing activity